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Jasmin Kiranoglu (*1993, Hamburg, DE) grew up in Antalya, Berlin and Munich and has lived and worked mainly in Bern, CH since 2013.

Jasmin Kiranoglu is a performance artist who works around empathy, human vulnerability and psychological and physical resilience. She currently uses the orange as an organic, intermedial object, tool and symbol to explore these themes.


2013-2016: B.A. in Acting, Bern University of the Arts 2016-2018: M.A. in Expanded Theater, Bern University of the Arts 2021-2024: M.A. in Contemporary Art Practice, Bern University of the Arts 2022/23: Erasmus and Research Exchange, Modern Dance, Fine Arts, Mimar Sinan University of the Arts, Istanbul


She recently presented her performance “The Lost Juice” with sound artist Matthias Jöel at the “JETZT KUNST” foundation and at the Kulturesk Festival in the Grosse Halle, Reitschule, Bern (23/24). Her exhibition/performance “Portakal Radikal” can be seen at the gallery “ToBE” Bern (23). She shows her performance “Separation, Reparation, Vanishing” at the “migma” performance festival “all i can carry” at Kunstpavillon, Lucerne (22). She performs “DIVIDE” as part of the Fluid Academy “Maximal Energy Minimal Time” at the Museum Tinguely, Basel (22). “UNCOVER” can be seen at Theater Stadelhofen, Zurich; Schlachthaus Theater, Greller Keller, Bern; HAJDE Festival, Novi Sad; BAFF Festival, Basel; Previewarts Gallery, Istanbul (19-21). In addition to her own artistic practice, she can also be seen in theater and dance contexts, e.g., in the performative theater walk "Stadt der Katzen" as Cleopatra, Bern (23), or in the contemporary movement girl band "The Bernese Yonis" at the BETA Festival at Tanzhaus Bern (21/22).


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