My name is Jasmin Kiranoglu. 

I am a Performance and Performing Artist.

I am a tall woman. I am pretty good at listening and intuitively creating sensual, surrealistic and atmospheric performances between tenderness and violence.

I am very fascinate by oranges - the color, the composition, the structure from shell to core. Today I know, dance is my biggest passion.


I was born in Hamburg in 1993 and grew up in Antalya, Berlin and Munich.

Since 2013 I am living mostly in Bern.

From 2013 to 2018, I attended the „University of the Arts“ in Bern, where I completed my B.A. in "Acting" and M.A. in "Expanded Theater".

Already during my Bachelor studies, I realized that in the context of developing my own projects dance as well as the performative approach, open spaces and visual arts interested me more than closed theater approaches. 

After my "Expanded Theater" Master degree,

I worked as a freelance performer, actress and dancer for three years before I started my current "Contemporary Arts Practice" Master in the field of performance art to work specifically on my own practice and to enrich it also from

a visual arts perspective. 

In my performances I focus mostly on thoughts like human vulnerability and the psychological and physical resistance of the human being. Also the mystery of covering and uncovering/veiling and unveiling are recurring elements.

Light, fabrics, cloths, clothing, hair in relation to the body, as well as fruits that are wrapped with their shells in the most diverse ways.

I use my body as a medium - a projection space. My language is a very intuitive, physical and visual.

While I perform, I want to touch and be touched. I would describe my performances as sensual, surreal, fragile, atmospheric between tenderness and violence.

To create a stimulating space and time for individual associations and sensual experiences to captivate the viewers so that we can be in the moment together is my goal.

I also work for and with other artists and theater makers. Among other things, I'm e.g. in the Contemporary movement girl band "The Yonis.“