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Jasmin Kiranoglu is a visuell, performance and performing artist.

*1993 born in Hamburg - grown up in Antalya, Berlin and Munich.

In 2013 she came to Bern to study "Acting" at the University of the Arts. She completed her studies in 2018 with the "Expanded Theater" Master. During her studies, the desire to deepen her own artistic praxis - a mix of performance, visual arts and dance came to the fore.

The following three years she worked as a freelance performer and actress. 

Since 2021, Jasmin Kiranoglu has been studying in the “Contemporary Arts Practice“(CAP Master) at the Bern University of the Arts in the field of Performance- and Fine Arts.


A selection of her projects can be found in the menu item 

"In my performances, I especially deal with human vulnerability and the psychological and physical resilience of human beings. 

I use my body as a medium and

a projection space. I work very intuitively and my language is

a physical - visual one. While I perform, I want to touch and be touched. I describe my performances as sensual, surreal, fragile and atmospheric between tenderness

and violence. My aim is to create a stimulating space, time for individual associations and sensual experiences to captivate the audience, so that in the best case, we can be all in the moment together." 

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