Performance Artist / Actress 




"Die Zauberflöte" / physical actor / Theater Basel - Opera / by Simon Mcburney / Premiere 21st of November / Basel / 2020

 PAIN(t) / Performer & Costume / Composing Body Ensemble / Visual - musical Performance about the sound of pain 

 Collaboration with Avital Cohen, Turkar Gasimzada and Richard Schmutz / «Soapbox», PAKT BERN / Progr. room 013,

 28th of November, 8 pm / Bern / 2020



My name is Jasmin Kiranoglu and I am

a performance artist and actress.

I was born in Hamburg in 1993 and grew up in Berlin and Munich. 

Currently I am living and working in Bern, Basel and Berlin.


After my bachelor’s degree in acting I also completed my Master’s degree in „Expanded Theater“ in 2018 at the University of the Arts in Bern. 

This master’s degree is aimed at artists from theatre, dance, figure theatre, performance, music and fine arts. 

The fact that it was all about developing your own artistic expression and authorship, enabled me to put individual focus on performance, dance and choreographic courses and workshops. 


At the moment I am working on a fusion of performance, dance and object theatre.

In my performances I focus mostly on thoughts like human vulnerability and the psychological and physical resistance of the human being. Also the topic of covering and uncovering/veiling and unveiling are recurring elements.


I try to use my body as a medium -

a projection space. 

I have a strong aesthetic language with which I take the audience into my world. On the other hand, I try to open the possibility for individual associations and sensual experiences. 

My works are mostly without any verbal language.


I also work for and with other artists and theater makers. 


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